Bouvier Puppies in Rescue Shelter

ark animal centre bouvier puppies in welfare shelter rescued

Well this is definitely a first for us and in welfare history as far as we know – we received a call asking if we could take in 4 Bouvier puppies from a lady, we said yes. The following day 11 of the cutest black fluff balls arrived at Ark’s doorstep and a South African first was made.

Never before had Bouvier puppies ever been in a shelter – let alone 11 of them! Wolfshaven and Bouvier Association of SA got hold of us and offered to do the home checks as these dogs need very specific homes. To date all 11 pup’s have been homed to the best possible homes around South Africa.

Well done to everyone who was involved in this, (hopefully), once in a lifetime rescue & re-homing mission! ♥ Team Work is the way to go!! 🙂

1 thought on “Bouvier Puppies in Rescue Shelter

  1. I will be moving to Uganda on a 2 year assignment and would like to adopt a rescued Bouvier puppy. Please keep me in mind if you need a home.

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