LIVEOUTLOUD luxury magazine supports Ark Animal Centre!

ark animal centre liveoutloud the collection spring magazine poster

Luxury millionaire’s hard cover magazine, opulent events company and travel agency….who would have thought that such an exclusive brand would have such a big soft spot for animals ♥ Yes, we are talking about LIVEOUTLOUD – the Collection. A one of a kind hard cover national magazine with a fantastic, enthusiastic team of people behind the name.

LIVEOUTLOUD offered Ark Animal Centre a full page advert in their upcoming Spring edition of LIVEOUTLOUD – the Collection. Filled with lavish content, being the first or the only to print articles and has 33 categories it is quite clearly a cut above the rest and read by the thought leaders of diverse industries.

All we had to do was get 200 shares of the above poster on Facebook. The competition was a huge success as not only did we reach 200 shares in 24 hours but LIVEOUTLOUD then offered us 1kg of puppy food per share after 200 and challenged us to get to 400 shares! By Friday morning at 11.30 we had reach 400 shares and the LIVEOUTLOUD team was utterly shocked and impressed by the success of the competition.

“We have worked with many charities before and have never seen a response like this! We will continue to support the Ark Animal Rescue Centre in all its endeavours. Well done! I look forward to seeing their advert in the Spring edition of LIVEOUTLOUD – the Collection.” – Mike Eilertsen, CEO LIVEOUTLOUD.

An all round fantastic campaign. Thank you to all our amazing animal lovers for supporting us! Together we managed to secure a full page advert in LIVEOUTLOUD – the Collection magazine AND 200kg’s of dog food! ♥ As always TEAM WORK is the way to go!!

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