Cupcake fostered by the LIVEOUTLOUD Events team

The idea of staff bringing in a lethargic, abandoned puppy into the office would make most businesses cringe, but the people from LIVEOUTLOUD Events teamed up with their fellow colleague Lauri Hansen to help foster little Cupcake back to health.

On her first day at the LIVEOUTLOUD offices she was lethargic, malnourished and had pneumonia, biliary and worms. It was very much 50/50 whether she was going to make it through the day. Lauri was feeding her every 3 hours with the help of Kevin Taylor who would hold little Cupcake while Lauri tried to get some food into her mouth. Kevin would often do Facebook posts on her progress 🙂

By Wednesday, day 3 of Cupcake being fostered by the team, she was a different dog. Starting to walk and even attempting a tail wag! By now the events team was in total puppy loving phase. Cupcake was getting enormous amounts of loves, kisses, rubs, cuddles, treats, toys – even new jersey’s to keep her tiny body warm in the bitter winter wind!

She hit a rough patch when she had a bad reaction to an inoculation, it is very rare but it didn’t stop her. She got her legs bandaged to support her bones and after a few days was back to normal and improving minute by minute!

It’s now 3 weeks later and Lauri says for her it is an incredible feeling seeing her precious foster baby go from half dead to the energetic, fun loving puppy she is today! She loves the rewarding feeling you get from fostering a helpless puppy and seeing them grow into a strong, healthy dog ♥

Her colleagues feel the same, and say they are going to miss Cupcake when she gets adopted….we told them not to worry as we have no doubt there will be another fluff ball needing their awesome team work fostering skills soon!

From the Ark Staff we would like to send the biggest THANK YOU to the LIVEOUTLOUD events team for opening their hearts and making it possible to change the life of a helpless animal even if you work full time. Stephanie Scorgie, Lauri Hansen, Tanya Dorman and Kevin Taylor….you are amazing people – wish we could clone you!!

Below are some pictures from the last 3 weeks of Cupcake’s time with her foster team at the LIVEOUTLOUD offices

My Dog is an Angel

My parents had been married for 26 years then one day my dad came home and asked my mum for a divorce!! In a split second our lives changed from a happy home to a broken home!!!
My mum was shattered . . . The light in our home disappeared and darkness filled our home . . . But than came along our Angel Snowy . . .

She fills our home with so much joy and energy ♥
My mum found the strength in Snowy to wake up each day.

It has been a hard 2 years for us but Snowy made all the heart ache and pain worthwhile.
She fills our lives with so much joy and happiness 🙂

We are so blessed by God for having this precious Gift.
I love Snowy with all my heart – she is my friend, my confident and she loves me unconditionally….as I love her ♥

Written by: Cindy Clarke

Chirp the Rescued Budgie

chirp the rescued budgie ark animal centre puppy

So last weekend while having breakfast, a man walks into the clubhouse and ask’s Candice if she know’s anything about birds…..long story short – he found this little girl in the middle of the road. He stopped and picked her up not knowing what to do with her after that. Candice offered to take the budgie and care for her… Sunday afternoon the little budgie, was named Chirp and had her own lovely little bird cage, food, water and was getting lots of love….yes…Candice had decided to adopt her 🙂

Chirp’s beak was either broken or deformed but that didn’t stop her from eating and drinking like a little piggy! She was a cheeky, friendly and extremely cute little girl! Unfortunately Candice woke up this morning and little Chirp had passed away 😦 The vets think it was probably old age.

It is a sad end, but at least for Chirp’s last week, she was spoilt beyond measure, loved, cuddled and cared for and will never be forgotten ♥ xXx ♥