Chirp the Rescued Budgie

chirp the rescued budgie ark animal centre puppy

So last weekend while having breakfast, a man walks into the clubhouse and ask’s Candice if she know’s anything about birds…..long story short – he found this little girl in the middle of the road. He stopped and picked her up not knowing what to do with her after that. Candice offered to take the budgie and care for her… Sunday afternoon the little budgie, was named Chirp and had her own lovely little bird cage, food, water and was getting lots of love….yes…Candice had decided to adopt her 🙂

Chirp’s beak was either broken or deformed but that didn’t stop her from eating and drinking like a little piggy! She was a cheeky, friendly and extremely cute little girl! Unfortunately Candice woke up this morning and little Chirp had passed away 😦 The vets think it was probably old age.

It is a sad end, but at least for Chirp’s last week, she was spoilt beyond measure, loved, cuddled and cared for and will never be forgotten ♥ xXx ♥

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