My Dog is an Angel

My parents had been married for 26 years then one day my dad came home and asked my mum for a divorce!! In a split second our lives changed from a happy home to a broken home!!!
My mum was shattered . . . The light in our home disappeared and darkness filled our home . . . But than came along our Angel Snowy . . .

She fills our home with so much joy and energy ♥
My mum found the strength in Snowy to wake up each day.

It has been a hard 2 years for us but Snowy made all the heart ache and pain worthwhile.
She fills our lives with so much joy and happiness 🙂

We are so blessed by God for having this precious Gift.
I love Snowy with all my heart – she is my friend, my confident and she loves me unconditionally….as I love her ♥

Written by: Cindy Clarke

2 thoughts on “My Dog is an Angel

  1. A truly inspirational story Cindy, Thank you so much for sharing. You are truly blessed, Snowy is absolutely gorgeous! possibly the most beautiful Maltese (correct me if I’m wrong) I have ever seen. I know that she will bring you many more years of joy and laughter! Take good care of her, as she will of you.

  2. What a lovely story……I lost my husband and my “snowy”. called WHITEY filled my life….he is a precious little soul whom I’ve adopted from Animal Welfare, Helderberg in Gordons Bay!!! I love him soooo much!!!!

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