Pure Love by Fee Riley


I lost my Roxy and Dizzy in April and May 2011. I was adamant that I would NEVER open myself up to the hurt again, of loving an animal and losing them. Losing my girls broke me in to a million tiny pieces. In July 2012, after crying myself to sleep every night and “falling off the rails”, I happened across a picture on the newly formed FaceBook Page of Ark Animal Rescue Centre (top left picture) o

f a girl who had been “unwanted’ and my heart pulled in her direction. I went to meet her, my heart breaking, feeling guilty and I fell so in love. A few days later, she came home to me and she healed me and maybe I healed her too. I called her Rozzy because I truly believe that Roxy and Dizzy sent her to me. She is Roxy and Dizzy squished together, in so many ways. If you ever doubted what a rescue animal can do for you … trust me, they are AWESOME ♥
Written by: Fee Riley

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