A 2 year old and her first dog ♥

i love dogs back ground poster wallpaper puppy love

It became quite clear that Amelia was an extreme dog lover the day she started to bark, in fact Amelia barked before her first words. She would crawl to the gate with excitement when she heard the neighbour out with her dogs and get quite involved in a well attempted ‘Bark-off’!

At this moment it was clear I would have to get her a puppy…

From the minute they met they were inseparable. There has never been pulling of the ears, biting, scratching or anything else people imagined would happen. Instead there were gentle nibbles from Bell (Yorkie x Scottie) and tummy rubs from Amelia and of course a tag team for bark offs. Where you see Amelia you see Bell, If we did not love her so much we would accuse her of being the best photo bomber of all time.

As soon as we reach the drive way Bell is there to greet her best friend, She jumps into the car chair and they share big kisses and loves, followed by many giggles and Amelia screaming BE BE! She is after all 20 months so I’m sure the “L” will come.

I never realised just how attached they were until Bell was admitted to hospital this week. Amelia spent all day looking for her friend calling BE BE! She was so confused and I dreaded what the outcome may be. It was heart breaking, and even more so when the teacher pointed out there was a definite change in Amelia’s behaviour the next day. Luckily the vet called and said I could fetch Bell (after saying that there was a possibility she would not make it), as I walked to the car with Amelia, she was crying and very moody. I said look who is here… and she lit up instantly, she started giggling & pointing, saying BE BE, and continued to do this all the way home. Amelia continued at home and made herself quite comfy next to Bell in her bed. She rubbed her gently and it seemed she was looking after her puppy.

How amazing these two are, I am the happiest, proudest mom to both my girls. May they stay BFF’s 😉

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