Update on Tinkerbell – Missing Yorkie

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The beautiful little 2 year old Yorkie, Tinkerbell is still missing!! 😦 She has been missing for almost 1 month now.

Please keep your eyes open, she has definitely been picked up by someone who has no access to the outside world or has been stolen. Her mom Chanique has been putting up posters all over JHB. She is desperate to have her little baby back. ♥

For those of you around the Northwold/Boskruin area please ask your domestic workers if they might know anything. There is now a R10 000 reward offered for her return.

Please be on the lookout  for her….we won’t give up until she is found.


SMS ‘Donate FOOD’ to 48949 & help us feed our puppies. R10 per sms. All SA networks.

My Tinkerbell Story

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I got Tinky in 2010 at a very low point in my life, I was very stressed at work and after a year of trying naturally to have a baby and 4 months of IVF treatments which failed and left me very emotional and really down I decided to get a puppy Yorkie. To me that was the closest thing to a little baby and I could fill that longing to nurture and love something.

tinkerbell 002

I went around and found a breeder in Roodepoort who sold Yorkies for what I could afford. Some breeders charge quite a penny and rightfully so, they are such amazing animals.
I chose her immediately the first time I went there, and use to visit her once a week until I was allowed to take her home. I took my mom to meet her and I instantly feel deeply in love with this little person.

tinkerbell 001

I never knew how small and how difficult it was to look after a puppy Yorkie, they are so small and fragile. I took her everywhere with me, looked after her as though she was this fragile doll. I even cried when she didn’t want to eat because her little tummy battled to get used to her semi solid food. I went to the pet store and bought whatever I could to make it easier.

As she grew, my hubby and other dogs bonded with her and she was very quickly the princess of the house. She demanded it all.
We had to “ Tinky” proof our home, time and time again. Because just when we thought we had closed all the holes, she surprised us and found another. She was an explorer and risk taker. When there was a noise, she was the first to jump up and bark as though she was a Rottweiler meanwhile she was the smallest little thing in the house.

To say I love Tinkerbell is an understatement, she is my everything, she sleeps on my bed, follows me around the house, she never sat on the couch, she always sat on my lap on the couch. Sometimes I would get up early to go to the office and she would wake up, follow me to the kitchen whilst I made some tea and follow me to the shower. She my person, my everything. She licked my feet when I came home and used to jump on my legs when I went out, almost as if to say, please take me with you mommy.

My whole family know how much I adore her, I was always pedantic when it came to her safety, if I could not personally be at home whilst someone was there, I would ensure my husband was. I don’t know for what reason or why but my hubby and I went to Durban last week for a few days with his mom and his sister just to get away. I really wanted my carpets cleaned and I had gotten to really trust my domestic with her. I’m sure she even used to hear me in her sleep, “Patience, please look after my baby. Patience, is Tinky ok.”


Were common phrases I used when I called her from work or whilst on holiday. I also recently hired this wonderful personal assistant, who really surprised me which her work ethic and efficiency. I think I had a greater trust for both of them. I then decided to have the carpets cleaned whilst I was on holiday and they could do the mattresses due to my hubby and I being away. I asked my PA to go to my house just to assist them and watch the dogs. I still sent her a message in the morning asking her to lock Tinky in the bedroom as I feared she might have run after someone.

Wednesday 31st October 2012

We were sitting at the famous Waffle house in Durban when I got the call form my mom, all she said was: “Chanique, Tinky is gone.” And my whole world stopped. I thought this was a bad dream, and funny enough the night before I couldn’t sleep. I kept on tossing and turning. I cried then and there, we immediately caught a flight home, my mom and some of my staff at work had already started looking and putting up posters. We got home and carried on looking.

That night, my hubby and I didn’t know what to do, we wanted to carry on looking all night but we were so drained and emotionally exhausted we had to get some sleep. I went to sleep eventually at 11pm and woke up at 2am with my mind racing, telling myself how stupid I was to get carpet cleaners in when I wasn’t here, how stupid I was to trust two people who didn’t love my animals the way I did and I just cried until the sun came up. We resumed looking, ringing doorbells, had bigger signs made, posted on Facebook, twitter, looked in the welt, went and called at the vets in Johannesburg and went to the Randburg, Roodepoort and Sandton SPCA. Asked the bystanders. Told the petrol attendants. We asked everyone, no one could recall seeing her. The Friday, we looked again, calling, crying and just feeling empty seemed to be only emotion I was feeling.

Saturday, I couldn’t get out of bed, I felt so helpless, so lost and so destroyed by what had just happened to me I could not face another disappointment. Jono a guy a know, organised for me to go on 702 that morning, it felt like a green light and I had a glimmer of home in my heart that this is it, someone is going to hear me and call. Someone is going to come forward. I did receive calls, but just like the calls form the posters it was complete strangers, giving me kind words and offering their help. I am so grateful and thankful that there are good people out there, who don’t even know what you look like, the type of person you are but offer to share your picture on their network, meet in you Vet’s and offer their help. Thank you, to all those people. I think in some small way, you are what’s keeping me going.

Its Sunday, 04 November 2012 my hubby and I spent another day walking through bushes, calling her name, walking the streets again. I can’t sit still because I worry what is happening to her each passing day, is she being harmed, is she ok. Is she alive, is she dead. That is the worst feeling, not knowing. Having no closure.

I can’t be alone because when it’s quiet, I burst into tears and can’t control myself, I thing about all the happy times, the sad times and question to god, why me. Why do this to me. I know in my heart someone has picked her up, I have walked my neighbourhood flat and her little body is nowhere. She also couldn’t have gone far. My only question is why did you not call me? She had a pink collar with her name and my number on and she was micro chipped. I know she is cute but does one not think of the emotional trauma you put the pet’s original family through. I have been to hell and back. All I ask and beg is that you come forward, you do the right thing and give her back to her family, who loves her and who she loves dearly.

We have a R 5 000.00 reward for her return, I’m even prepared to increase it to R 10 000.00. she is my child, my life, my reason to wake up in the morning and no amount of money is worth not being able to see her pretty face and have her cuddle me once again.
Please, whoever you are, do the right thing.

Please bring her back to me.

082 319 3970
082 802 9291

Ark Animal Centre is officially a registered NPO!

ark animal centre puppy rescue haven shelter official non profit organisation NPO announcement  johannesburg fourways

We are very pleased to announce that Ark Animal Centre – the Puppy Rescue Shelter is official a registered non-profit organisation (NPO). 🙂 After 15 months of waiting it finally came through!

We are very excited as this opens many more doors and opportunities for Ark to grow and continue saving the puppies & dogs of SA. Our much anticipated NPO number is: 2012-171809-08

What is an NPO, non-profit organisation?  A Non-Profit Organisation exists solely to provide programs and services that are of public benefit such as the promotion of social welfare, economic development, religion, charity, education or research. Earnings may not benefit individuals or stake-holders. It is known as a Section 21 company. Answer from Entrepreneur Mag.

Below are the ethical and responsible behaviour for NPO’s based on Department of Social Development Codes of Good Practice for South African Non-profit Organisations:

Honesty: Honest people are truthful, sincere, forthright, straightforward, frank and
candid. They do not cheat, steal, lie, deceive or act deviously. NPO staff and volunteers
should be scrupulously honesty in their dealings with donors, beneficiaries,
employees, volunteers, governing body members, the public and the authorities.

Integrity: People and organisations with integrity are principled, honourable and
upright. They are courageous and act on convictions. They will fight for their beliefs
and will not adopt an “ends justify the means” philosophy that ignores principle, or is
expedient at the expense of principle. NPO staff and members respect the integrity of
the mission established by their governing body.

Promise keeping: People worthy of trust keep promises, fulfil commitments,
abide by the spirit as well as the letter of an agreement. They do not interpret
agreements in an unreasonably technical or legalistic manner to rationalise noncompliance or to create justifications for escaping their commitments.

Fidelity/loyalty: People worthy of trust demonstrate fidelity and loyalty to
other people and to organisations by friendship in adversity, support, and devotion to
duty. They do not use or disclose information that is learned in confidence for
personal or professional advantage. Staff and governing body members should
safeguard their ability to make independent professional judgements by scrupulously
avoiding undue influence and conflicts of interest.

Fairness: Fair people manifest a commitment to justice, the equal treatment of
individuals, and tolerance for and acceptance of diversity. They are open-minded,
willing to admit they are wrong, and, where appropriate, change their positions and
beliefs. They do not overreach or take undue advantage of another’s mistakes or

Caring for others: Concern for the well-being of others manifests itself in
compassion, giving, kindness , and serving. It requires that one attempts to help those
in need and avoids harming others.

Respect for others: Ethical people demonstrate respect for human dignity,
privacy, and the right to self-determination of all competent adults. They are
courteous and decent. They provide others with the information they need to make
informed decisions about their own lives.

Transparency: Staff should provide as much relevant information to the public as is
reasonably possible to permit intelligent assessment of goals, means, and results as
they relate to the organisation’s mission.

Responsible citizenship: Responsible citizenship involves lawfulness,
participation, social consciousness, and public service. NPOs must be especially
careful to obey all relevant regulations and laws.

Pursuit of excellence: Ethical people are concerned with the quality of
their work. They pursue excellence and are diligent, reliable, industrious and

Accountability: Ethical people accept responsibility for their decisions, for the
foreseeable consequences of their actions and failures to act, for setting an example to
others and for providing feedback to donors and sponsors on how funds were utilised.

Safeguard public trust: NPO governance, leaders, staff and volunteers have special
obligations to lead by example, to safeguard and advance the integrity and reputation of
all organisations that depend on voluntary support and public trust, to avoid even the
appearance of impropriety, and to take whatever actions are necessary to correct or prevent the inappropriate conduct of others.

SMS ‘Donate FOOD’ to 48949 & help feed the hungry and homeless dogs in SA! R10 per sms. All SA networks.