Buy-A-Brick and Help Build a Future For SA’s Rescued Animals

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::: Ark Animal Centre Buy-A-Brick Campaign :::

We need to sell 40,000 bricks in order to raise enough money to build our new shelter!

We understand to move forward after our big move to the new property, we are going to need the support of the community.

They will form the foundation of Ark and the names of every individual or company who supports Ark will be honoured on Ark’s Archangel Wall.

The wall will be the focal point of the shelter, where in years to come Ark’s visitors will be able to appreciate those who contributed in making a difference.

There are three different Buy-A-Brick options:

  • 1 Brick = R50 and your name on our wall
  • 50 Bricks = R2,500 and your logo on our wall
  • 500 Bricks = R25,000 and your banner on our wall

To donate please use the banking details below and make your reference the name you want printed on our wall.

Ark Animal Centre FNB Cheque 

Account: 62335841301 Branch: Broadacres

Code: 204809 SWIFT code: TIRNZAJJ (for international donations)

*For corporate banners and logos please use your companies name & email to arrange artwork.

 All support is greatly appreciated by the Ark Animals and Staff! Thank you!

For any queries please contact or

Please watch our Facebook page for updates on this campaign.

More about our vision: (if you have time to read further) 🙂

From our various fund raising events like our Bikini Car Wash, Barnyard show, quiz evenings and others we managed to save up enough to build an older puppy shelter. For pups that are 3 months and older. They will be completed by the end of this week, our builders are just busy laying the final concrete slabs.

We have been at the new property for about 4 weeks now, and week by week the shelter is developing and improving. We have however learnt very quickly how expensive building is! When people told us to get an estimate and double it…they were not joking!

We now need to build a specialized puppy shelter for pregnant mothers, new born babies and small puppies (4-12 weeks old). Any puppy that is under 4 weeks old goes directly to our bottle feeder foster parents until they are old enough to come back.

This shelter we are going to build is specialized specifically for puppies, because a normal dog shelter does not cater for the needs of smaller puppies with regards to diseases, quarantine and extra care.

Puppies are very difficult to deal with because of all the diseases they are susceptible to at such a young age eg: parvo, distemper, giardia and many more. We deal with these diseases on a daily basis, therefore our biggest issue at the moment is that the facilities we have do not cater to our requirements.

Our highest priorities for this shelter are:

  • Drainage
  • Quarantine
  • Medical
  • Cleanliness
  • Heating
  • Easy access into kennels

We are the only shelter that we know of in South Africa that caters specifically for pregnant moms and puppies. Our specialty is pregnant moms and puppies. 

We do also have the older dogs, because unfortunately they don’t all get adopted straight away. Our pups from about 6/7 months old get to run around freely on the property and are not confined to a cage. They sleep in their kennels at night, and play during the day until they are adopted.

We are appealing to the public to help us make this possible. We have worked hard to get to where we are now, and are looking to the community to help take us this last stretch!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our shelter. We hope you come visit soon!

Mandela Day 2013 Projects To Make A Difference

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After the success of last years Mandela Day and considering the massive and exciting changes that have happened at Ark since then, we have decided to present the different projects that require some help from the community. And what better day to make a difference than on Mandela Day 2013!

For those of you who need a catch up…in short, our founder and her husband sold their home in order to purchase 23 acres of land less than 10 minutes from Fourways, JHB. To read more about the move please click here.

Since our big move, we have a variety of different and exciting projects that need to be completed. We have done as much as we can on our own and are now asking the community to get involved and help us achieve our goals!

We are STILL waiting for quotes from the builders/suppliers on how much the project will cost in total. From what we have estimated, it is going to cost between R1,500,000 and R2,000,000 to complete. If anyone is able to assist us in anyway eg: supplies, knowledge, labour etc. please contact us ASAP as we desperately need to get things moving. If anyone is able or would like to contribute financially, our banking details are at the end of this post.

Should a company wish to take on one of the projects, they will be more than welcome to put up a sign with their logo and contact details. 🙂

So enough explaining…onto the exciting stuff…

PROJECT ONE: Staff Quarters

Our incredible animal loving staff members who work tirelessly to ensure our pups are safe, fed and happy need a place to stay. We have a half built building that needs some major TLC. Images below:



We often get in rescue bunnies and have no where safe to keep them until they are re-homed, hence why want to finish the building of this gorgeous bunny pen. With separate male and female sections, there will be no worries of bunny over population 🙂



We have two gorgeous piggies who deserve a pig palace. They were also rescues. The pig pen would possibly need new fences, the wall to be finished and the concrete wall to be taken down.

PROJECT FOUR: Painting of the office

Coming soon…

PROJECT FIVE: Shop and temporary puppy kennels

Coming soon…


Coming soon…

PROJECT SEVEN (the big one): Puppy Shelter

Coming soon…


If you would like to get involved, please email us with the project of your choice.

We appreciate all the help we get -> team work will make this happen! 🙂 Our banking and contact details are below:

Tel: 082 334 7596 (Wednesday – Sundays 10am to 3:30pm, closed on Monday and Tuesday)

Email: or

Ark Animal Centre
FNB Cheque Account
Account: 62335841301
Branch: Broadacres
Branch Code: 204809