My Adopted Puppy by Hazel Hynek

hazel hynek adopted baby from Ark johannesburg puppy shelter - tyson3

A lovely story from one of our Ark parents and their journey of adopting a rescued puppy 🙂 

In Febuary of this year my dear uncle Ken, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They determined it was terminal and that he had, had very little time left. In the March, the love of my life and baby girl, Dalmation, Sidney, was poisened and unfortunately did not make it. Although we still had two amazingly beautiful doggies, Queenie and Trixie, I didn’t have MY doggy sleeping next to me anymore.

By June, I decided I NEEEEDED a puppy. After BEGGING my mom for 3 months solid, eventually she decided we could get ONE puppy. She thought it might help bring some positive energy into our home.

In August we adopted my baby boy, Tyson and after seeing her naughty boy ,Eddy, my mom couldn’t resist taking him home too.

These two puppies helped so much in creating such beautiful memories with my uncle Ken. He was constantly giggling at their little antics and they both loved him dearly. Uncle Ken passed away 29/10/2013. Uncle Ken lived with us, throughout the remainder of his days. Eddy was by his side even in the last few days of his life.

I just wanted to take a second of my day to share with you all, just how wonderful this organization, the Ark Animal Centre is and just how much impact they have in our every day lives. They give you, not just a puppy or two, but rather, a beautiful bundle of joy and abundant love.

You helped bring a bit of light into our home, when I didn’t think it possible. On behalf of uncle Ken and the rest of the Hynek family, I just want to say thank you!!!

Adopt today guys. It was the best decision we’ve ever made! 

Written by: Hazel Hynek

Polar Products Festive Season Promotion

Does your dog suffer in the   HEAT polar products flyer 2 Polar Horse Cool Collars polar products flyer Jan 2012
Polar Products is offering a wonderful promotion for this upcoming festive season!
For every collar sold R20 will be donated to Ark Animal Centre to help pay for our vet and food bills.
  • The range consists of 5 different sizes of cooling collars from R55 to R140
  • Two polar pads R360 and R430 (large and xlarge)
  • There is also a range for humans so if they are cyclists or runners!! There are neck ties and neck wraps R100.
  • There are also awesome horse collars for R150 each

To order please email and 🙂

THANK YOU for the support!!!!