Polar Products Festive Season Promotion

Does your dog suffer in the   HEAT polar products flyer 2 Polar Horse Cool Collars polar products flyer Jan 2012
Polar Products is offering a wonderful promotion for this upcoming festive season!
For every collar sold R20 will be donated to Ark Animal Centre to help pay for our vet and food bills.
  • The range consists of 5 different sizes of cooling collars from R55 to R140
  • Two polar pads R360 and R430 (large and xlarge)
  • There is also a range for humans so if they are cyclists or runners!! There are neck ties and neck wraps R100.
  • There are also awesome horse collars for R150 each

To order please email markham.fiona@gmail.com and candice@arkanimalcentre.co.za 🙂

THANK YOU for the support!!!!

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