Dainfern College Students Help Ark

hadley dainfern college student community work

We decided we wanted to help Ark Animal Centre. We have volunteered at the centre on many occasions andcame to understand that rescuing and taking care of abandoned puppies is an ongoing task. Each day the puppiesneed to be fed and cared for. We decided to help by raising funds to help take care of the puppies.

We asked fellow pupils at our school to please bake and donate cup cakes and brownies. On one of ourschool Derby days we sold the baked goods and donated all the money to Ark Animal Centre.

The event was very successful and we also raised a lot of awareness for the centre.

To follow on from this we are organising a group work party to go and work at Ark Animal Centrein our next school holiday.

Written By: Hadley Dickinson and Tammy Venter ( Dainfern College).

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