Andreia’s Birthday Experience at Ark

ANDREIA's ark animal and barking mad poster

Andreia who is a Grade 3 student at Assumption Convent took it upon herself to raise funds and awareness for the abused and abandoned puppies at our rescue shelter. This is her story…

Firstly, I just want to again say thank you for making Andreia’s day so special, and definitely something she will remember always!!! She was absolutely exhausted …struggled to get her up for school this morning, and I can definitely hear the conversations around the playground at school today!!!

Just though I had to share her story!! I have a really special little girl. Andreia calls herself the “Dog Whisperer” … and she says that she can talk “Dog”!!!

Let me begin at the beginning … It all started a few weeks ago when I came home from work and told Andreia about a friend of mine at work, Simone, who had just fostered and then adopted a puppy from the Ark Animal Centre. In this discussion I mentioned how important it was to try and adopt a puppy instead of buying one as there are so many rescue dogs in need of a home. I also told her that volunteers can go and spend time with the puppies and play with them at the Centre. She immediately asked if we could go through one Saturday to volunteer to spend time with puppies. I said that maybe we can donate some puppy food to the Centre …and that is how it all started!

She got very excited and said that maybe she can ask her friends at school, Assumption Convent which is in Malvern East, and all her family for donations for the puppies too and to also make them aware of rather adopt a puppy instead of buying one. I was amazed at her as she is currently only in Grade 3 … and said that that was a good idea and that we would see what we could do. She mentioned nothing further after this and I thought that she would just forget about the idea. Let alone did I know how serious she was about this .. two weeks later she brought up the subject again and asked me if I could help create pamphlets for her to hand out at school and for a box to set up in her classroom. I think that she had even spoken to her teacher about this but I told her that before she can do any of this, she would need to ask permission from her school principal first. She was so passionate about getting this up and running that she burst into tears at the prospect of having to wait for permission. It took me about half an hour to calm her down and then I help her (here and there) to write a letter to her principal. Attached is her letter that she wrote to her principal and also the pamphlet that she asked me to help her draft to hand out at school. Unfortunately her school only gave her permission to collect donations from the two Grade 3 classes and not the whole school. She was happy with this because as long as she is able to collect …even the little bit that she can, this makes her happy that she has achieved something for the doggies.

Two weeks later, after asking permission, her principal called her aside (and I received a call from the principal) to tell her that they had decided to do a Civi’s Day at school and all the proceeds from the Civi’s day collected would go towards Andreia’s drive for collections for the Ark Animal Centre. She was so excited and happy and when I got home couldn’t wait to tell me her news. The two Grade 3 classes collected R390,00 which was then handed to Andreia by the principal for the Ark Animal Centre. A number of girls in her class also gave her some food donation or dog bowls or doggie toys for her to start her collection with and every day when I got home from her she would show me the donations she received.

We even went further …her birthday was coming up and Simone suggested the Ark Animal Centre for her birthday party …which was just the cherry on the top of the cake. I got home and mentioned this and she was just over the moon. The next day the talk on the playground at school was all about Ark Animal Centre and her party. I got girls coming up to me asking please can I go to Andreia’s birthday party …and how much does it cost to adopt a puppy etc. Well she said that whoever comes to her party must please bring a donations of doggie food, puppy food or puppy treats. She was eventually able to raise R541,00 and a R100,00 of which was one of her birthday gifts that she insisted gets donated toward Ark Animals.

She would like to send thanks to her school, Assumption Convent, for granting her permission to fulfil this dream that she had and a very big thank you to Mrs Zambon, her primary school principal who helped give permission. She would also like to thank the Grade 3K and Mrs Keller and Grade 3M and Mrs McCormack as well as all her school friends, family friends and her special family for helping her with this project which was …and still is so close to her heart.

As her mother …well I am so blessed with this little Angel that God blessed me with 9 years ago and my heart is so full of thanks for this special gift of …Andreia!!! She teaches me and her dad and her older siblings things every day that we never thought such a young soul can teach us!!!!

androids birthday at ark animal centre

THANK YOU ANDREIA!!! From all the Ark puppies!!!




Mandela Day 2014 at Ark!

mandela day at ark animal puppy haven

What are you doing for Mandela Day 2014? 

Be sure to visit Ark Animal Centre for another brilliant day honouring the world’s most inspiring human. Click here for how to be part of this incredible day!

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela