Spay and Neuter Clinic Campaign

spay and neuter johannesburg clinic sterilise now

We will be opening the Ark Veterinary Spay and Neuter Clinic in Chartwell. The clinic will offer serilisations at reduced rates, making it more affordable to the general public.

Why? What is the motivation behind this project?

The problem that the shelter often sees, is that we are regularly getting in puppies from the same people in the community. These people are sitting with 10 – 15 dogs per property all unsterilised, and they are not in a position to sterilise each dog at the current veterinary cost. R1500+ is a car or medical aid payment for most people nowadays.

Now we all know that you shouldn’t have 10 or 15 dogs if you can’t afford to sterilize them, BUT the reality is they do! This mindset is not going to change in a hurry so the best we can do for these animals is sterilize at reduced rates.

Sterilise facts 002

We have chatted to these individuals and they are willing to sterilise their pets at a reduced rate.

We also have the surrounding informal settlements who can’t even afford the reduced rate, for this we are asking the public to sponsor any amount towards these costs, as we are not in a position to sponsor the hundreds of sterilisations needed in the community.

We do not believe in ‘no charge’, responsibility has to be taken, so even if they can only afford R5.00 they must contribute to their dogs sterilisation.

We would also like to extend the clinic’s services to other rescue organisations in order for them to get their animals sterilised at reduced rates.

Sterilise facts 001

Ark Animal Centre sees the clinic as the only solution for the problem we encounter on a daily basis from the general public.

The vets in our area are behind this initiative, as we are focusing on the members of the public who cannot afford to take their animals to a vet.

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What we need to set up the clinic:

  • Refurbished anesthetic machine
  • 2x Spay set
  • 2x Spay cradle
  • 2x Stainless steel tables
  • Teeth cleaning set
  • Holding cages
  • Extra’s eg: tubes, swabs, blades, drip sets, sink etc.
  • Autoclave
  • Surgery lamp
  • Aircon
  • Fridge

Estimated cost: R150,000 – R200,000

We believe in helping ourselves before asking others for help. This a big project for the community and we are unable to do this on our own. We are now asking the public for some assistance to complete this life changing community project as we believe this is the way to be pro-active in solving all these unwanted pregnancies. This is not going to be a clinic for sick animals, this is purely a spay and neuter clinic.

Sterilise facts 006

How to get involved and help make a difference: 

  1. Donating money towards the equipment and set up of the clinic.
  2. Contributing towards one of the sponsored sterilisations.

To donate please use the below banking details and use these references:

  • Donation towards set up of the clinic please use: Clinic
  • Donation towards a sponsored sterilisation please use: Sponsor

Ark Animal Centre

FNB Cheque Account: 62335841301

Branch: Broadacres Code: 204809

SWIFT code: TIRNZAJJ (for international donations)

The total amount needed for this project is roughly R200,000, ANY amount donated will be greatly appreciated.

*Please note: In order for us to send through a thank you letter, please email us your details to with the relevant references (clinic or sponsor) in the subject line.

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Let’s work together to spread the word and make a difference in this world! Keep checking our website to see our “Make A Difference Meter” grow!

21 January 2015 UPDATE! In less than a week we’ve already managed to raise R6850 for our Spay & Neuter Clinic!! Woohoo!! Please keep sharing to help us reach our goal!

Make A Difference Meter R6850

Crawford Preparatory Cake & Candy Fundraiser

The Crawford Preparatory School held their Cake and Candy sale recently where all proceeds made were donated to Ark Animal Centre. The day was brilliant and the school was absolutely delighted with the response. It was a huge success and they sold out of everything!

The final tally was R3958.05!!! Teacher, Jeanette Fuchs said it was “Not to bad for the efforts of 23 primary school children and one teacher.” 🙂

The school also did a presentation to everyone in assembly, included Ark in their newsletter and even popped into the shelter for a visit! They are an amazing group of kids, and Crawford can be proud to have such impressive students.

From all of our Ark puppies and staff we are so thankful to Jeanette and the students at Crawford Preparatory School for including us in their Charity Aid project. We are so grateful to you for thinking of us and showing such kindness to our puppies ❤

Below are some lovely pictures from Jeanette of the Cake Sale and their visit to Ark 🙂

Customize Your Phone Cover

custom phone covers in aid of ark animal puppy shelter adopt a pet


Custom Cases has started a great initiative in aid of Ark Animal Centre.

For every cellphone cover sold R25 will be donated to Ark Animal Centre, and for every like they receive on their Facebook page a further R5 will be donated to our shelter. Please like their page and write ARK ANIMAL CENTRE on their wall 🙂

To order your case please contact and use ARK as your reference in order for the donation to reflect.

Cases start from R275. All major phone brands can be done such as: Blackberry, iPhone and Samsung. Any image can be printed, see examples below:



Ark Animal Centre is now on the Woolworths MyPlanet Programme!

woolworths myplanet accept blog-cover template



After a good 2 years of working on becoming a member of the fabulous Woolworths MyPlanet programme, we are very proud to say that Joburg’s puppy rescue shelter, Ark Animal Centre is now officially a beneficiary!!! Woohoo!!!

To support us you can either:

Where can I swipe my MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card?

The success of the programme depends on the number of times you swipe your card. Supporters can use their cards at a range of national, regional and local retail partners on the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet system. Some of the national partners include Woolworths, Engen QuickShops, Waltons, SupaQuick,, Jack’s Paint, Toys R Us, Reggie’s, Altech Netstar, Club Travel, MySchool Travel, Toner Town and many more. To view a more comprehensive list of local business partners click here.

myschool myplanet myvillage partners where to use my card

myschool myplanet myvillage partners where to use my card

Benefits of being a cardholder

You can raise funds for your favourite school or charity without costing you a cent, and you can use one card at many different stores. There are 12 national partners and over 2000 partner stores where you can use your card across the country. Cardholders can take advantage of exclusive discounts and special offers. For example, you are automatically part of WRewards from Woolworths (which includes 10% or more off on up to 200 items in their stores and other benefits), you get R40 off every GetAhead or MathPro educational software item that you buy, and you get exclusive discounts on vehicle recovery from Altech Netstar.  You will receive a monthly email statement showing exactly how much your beneficiary has raised.

Apply now and help us make a difference in our puppies lives ♥

For more information visit 

Mr and Miss Pretoria Royalty 2012

The organiser of Mr and Miss Pretoria Royalty, Bianca van der Linden who is a true animal lover decided to make Ark Animal Centre the beneficiary of this amazing modelling competition. The competition was held at La Louise Wedding and Conference Centre in Akasia, Pretoria on the 2 December 2012.

Bianca van der Linden

Bianca van der Linden

The venue is absolutely beautiful and wherever you looked you saw the most beautiful models in stunning outfits. The event ran like clockwork and the organisation was exceptional. The organisers, the models and their families made me feel so welcome. Two of our pups accompanied me, Sweetie and Punch our Daschund x pups. They were thoroughly spoiled and had the time of their lives. They just loved all the attention they got and by the end of the afternoon were totally exhausted.

Unathi with Punch and Natalie with Sweetie

Unathi with Punch and Natalie with Sweetie

The models,  aged from 3 years up to over 19 years old were exceptional. I have attended various modelling competitions in the past and to be honest I was not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this competition and thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon. The judges had their job cut out for them, as choosing the winners must have been exceptionally difficult as all the models were outstanding – all beautiful, dressed to kill and perfect in every which way.

Natasha Joubert with Sweetie

Natasha Joubert with Sweetie

They even had a Dads modelling competition which was hilarious. The dad that won auctioned his prize and donated the proceeds to Ark.

Some of the dog and puppy food donated

Some of the dog and puppy food donated

One of the categories was ‘Miss Kind Hearted’. The models all brought along food, blankets and toys – lots and lots! The amount of stuff was unbelievable. The model who won, little Natalie, donated a huge amount of Hills pellets, which to us is a luxury. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the models who donated all these items. There was a lot of cat food donated as well which we will pass on to another welfare organisation who has lots of cats and kittens.

Miss Kind Hearted, Natalie with Tracy

Miss Kind Hearted, Natalie with Tracy

Thank you so much to Bianca, La Louise Wedding Venue, all the models and their families for your generous support and for welcoming us with open arms to this fantastic event.

People Magazine visit’s Ark Animal Centre!

people magazine south africa donation to ark animal rescue centre puppy adoptions

The People magazine came around to Ark this past Sunday and donated some lovely dog jersey’s which our puppies LOVED!!!

It has been so cold lately and to have Gabrielle come around in the freezing cold with a whole lot of jerseys, really meant a lot to us! THANK YOU to Gabrielle and the People team! We really appreciate all of you taking time to care about our babies ♥

Please come visit again soon!! The puppies enjoyed all the love and attention they received from you! 🙂

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LIVEOUTLOUD luxury magazine supports Ark Animal Centre!

ark animal centre liveoutloud the collection spring magazine poster

Luxury millionaire’s hard cover magazine, opulent events company and travel agency….who would have thought that such an exclusive brand would have such a big soft spot for animals ♥ Yes, we are talking about LIVEOUTLOUD – the Collection. A one of a kind hard cover national magazine with a fantastic, enthusiastic team of people behind the name.

LIVEOUTLOUD offered Ark Animal Centre a full page advert in their upcoming Spring edition of LIVEOUTLOUD – the Collection. Filled with lavish content, being the first or the only to print articles and has 33 categories it is quite clearly a cut above the rest and read by the thought leaders of diverse industries.

All we had to do was get 200 shares of the above poster on Facebook. The competition was a huge success as not only did we reach 200 shares in 24 hours but LIVEOUTLOUD then offered us 1kg of puppy food per share after 200 and challenged us to get to 400 shares! By Friday morning at 11.30 we had reach 400 shares and the LIVEOUTLOUD team was utterly shocked and impressed by the success of the competition.

“We have worked with many charities before and have never seen a response like this! We will continue to support the Ark Animal Rescue Centre in all its endeavours. Well done! I look forward to seeing their advert in the Spring edition of LIVEOUTLOUD – the Collection.” – Mike Eilertsen, CEO LIVEOUTLOUD.

An all round fantastic campaign. Thank you to all our amazing animal lovers for supporting us! Together we managed to secure a full page advert in LIVEOUTLOUD – the Collection magazine AND 200kg’s of dog food! ♥ As always TEAM WORK is the way to go!!

Bryanston Country Club Pro Shop Cares

bryanston country club pro shop golf day sponsor ark animal rescue centre charity

On 31st May 2012 we received a call from Andrew Wildman from Bryanston Country Club Pro Shop asking if we would be able to attend that evening’s prize giving as he had some blankets for us.

We obviously went as blankets are much needed for our babies during the cold winter months. We arrived at the beautiful venue and were greeted by Andrew who informed us he had 150 blankets!! As you could image we were shocked and over the moon! 🙂

During prize giving we received donations from the Thursday Doctors School and a lovely young gentleman. In total we walked away with 150 blankets and R500 in cash!

Definitely an unexpected evening full of awesomeness! Thank you very much to Andrew for organising the blankets we appreciate the support! And to the Thursday Doctors School & young gentleman – your donations will be used to sterilise underprivileged pets and help stop the killing of unwanted puppies. ♥

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Ark Animal Centre receives an award!

Wow…what an honour! After running for only 10 months Ark Animal Centre received an amazing award from the awesome people at Vodacom 4U, Chatz Connect and the Dāna-pāramitā group as well as some lovely much needed donations of food, blankets, treats and more all sponsored by Ultra Dog and Martin & Martin!

We are so thankful and feel very honoured to have met such inspiring and caring individuals. You are all true Ark Angels and without you we wouldn’t be able to continue with the work we do! So THANK YOU!!!!!

Below are some pictures of the day and our very, very awesome certificate! 🙂

Ark’s New Adoption Books!!

minuteman press kyalami ark animal centre adoption books sponsored

Ark Animal Centre would like to send a massive THANK YOU to the very kind team at Kyalami Minuteman Press for sponsoring not only one….but FIVE adoption contract books!

This has made our lives 100 times easier and we are loving them! Thank you so, so, so, so much! You are all awesome and we hope to see Lisa-Marie visiting our shelter more often 🙂