Spay and Neuter Clinic Campaign

spay and neuter johannesburg clinic sterilise now

We will be opening the Ark Veterinary Spay and Neuter Clinic in Chartwell. The clinic will offer serilisations at reduced rates, making it more affordable to the general public.

Why? What is the motivation behind this project?

The problem that the shelter often sees, is that we are regularly getting in puppies from the same people in the community. These people are sitting with 10 – 15 dogs per property all unsterilised, and they are not in a position to sterilise each dog at the current veterinary cost. R1500+ is a car or medical aid payment for most people nowadays.

Now we all know that you shouldn’t have 10 or 15 dogs if you can’t afford to sterilize them, BUT the reality is they do! This mindset is not going to change in a hurry so the best we can do for these animals is sterilize at reduced rates.

Sterilise facts 002

We have chatted to these individuals and they are willing to sterilise their pets at a reduced rate.

We also have the surrounding informal settlements who can’t even afford the reduced rate, for this we are asking the public to sponsor any amount towards these costs, as we are not in a position to sponsor the hundreds of sterilisations needed in the community.

We do not believe in ‘no charge’, responsibility has to be taken, so even if they can only afford R5.00 they must contribute to their dogs sterilisation.

We would also like to extend the clinic’s services to other rescue organisations in order for them to get their animals sterilised at reduced rates.

Sterilise facts 001

Ark Animal Centre sees the clinic as the only solution for the problem we encounter on a daily basis from the general public.

The vets in our area are behind this initiative, as we are focusing on the members of the public who cannot afford to take their animals to a vet.

Sterilise facts 005

What we need to set up the clinic:

  • Refurbished anesthetic machine
  • 2x Spay set
  • 2x Spay cradle
  • 2x Stainless steel tables
  • Teeth cleaning set
  • Holding cages
  • Extra’s eg: tubes, swabs, blades, drip sets, sink etc.
  • Autoclave
  • Surgery lamp
  • Aircon
  • Fridge

Estimated cost: R150,000 – R200,000

We believe in helping ourselves before asking others for help. This a big project for the community and we are unable to do this on our own. We are now asking the public for some assistance to complete this life changing community project as we believe this is the way to be pro-active in solving all these unwanted pregnancies. This is not going to be a clinic for sick animals, this is purely a spay and neuter clinic.

Sterilise facts 006

How to get involved and help make a difference: 

  1. Donating money towards the equipment and set up of the clinic.
  2. Contributing towards one of the sponsored sterilisations.

To donate please use the below banking details and use these references:

  • Donation towards set up of the clinic please use: Clinic
  • Donation towards a sponsored sterilisation please use: Sponsor

Ark Animal Centre

FNB Cheque Account: 62335841301

Branch: Broadacres Code: 204809

SWIFT code: TIRNZAJJ (for international donations)

The total amount needed for this project is roughly R200,000, ANY amount donated will be greatly appreciated.

*Please note: In order for us to send through a thank you letter, please email us your details to with the relevant references (clinic or sponsor) in the subject line.

 Make a secure donation right now with Payfast! Click the buttons below!


To Donate R100 Click Here:   Buy

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Let’s work together to spread the word and make a difference in this world! Keep checking our website to see our “Make A Difference Meter” grow!

21 January 2015 UPDATE! In less than a week we’ve already managed to raise R6850 for our Spay & Neuter Clinic!! Woohoo!! Please keep sharing to help us reach our goal!

Make A Difference Meter R6850

Dainfern Golf Day in aid of Ark!

Ark Animal Centre is hosting another great golf day on the 6 May 2014 at Dainfern Golf Course! All proceeds will go towards building the shelters maternity ward.

R2800 per 4 ball. Includes dinner. BOOK NOW by emailing Charmaine at

We are looking for prize and tee sponsors. Should you be interested in getting involved please email Candice at

Ark Animal Centre Golf Day Invite Dainfern

Buy-A-Brick and Help Build a Future For SA’s Rescued Animals

buy a brick blog cover

::: Ark Animal Centre Buy-A-Brick Campaign :::

We need to sell 40,000 bricks in order to raise enough money to build our new shelter!

We understand to move forward after our big move to the new property, we are going to need the support of the community.

They will form the foundation of Ark and the names of every individual or company who supports Ark will be honoured on Ark’s Archangel Wall.

The wall will be the focal point of the shelter, where in years to come Ark’s visitors will be able to appreciate those who contributed in making a difference.

There are three different Buy-A-Brick options:

  • 1 Brick = R50 and your name on our wall
  • 50 Bricks = R2,500 and your logo on our wall
  • 500 Bricks = R25,000 and your banner on our wall

To donate please use the banking details below and make your reference the name you want printed on our wall.

Ark Animal Centre FNB Cheque 

Account: 62335841301 Branch: Broadacres

Code: 204809 SWIFT code: TIRNZAJJ (for international donations)

*For corporate banners and logos please use your companies name & email to arrange artwork.

 All support is greatly appreciated by the Ark Animals and Staff! Thank you!

For any queries please contact or

Please watch our Facebook page for updates on this campaign.

More about our vision: (if you have time to read further) 🙂

From our various fund raising events like our Bikini Car Wash, Barnyard show, quiz evenings and others we managed to save up enough to build an older puppy shelter. For pups that are 3 months and older. They will be completed by the end of this week, our builders are just busy laying the final concrete slabs.

We have been at the new property for about 4 weeks now, and week by week the shelter is developing and improving. We have however learnt very quickly how expensive building is! When people told us to get an estimate and double it…they were not joking!

We now need to build a specialized puppy shelter for pregnant mothers, new born babies and small puppies (4-12 weeks old). Any puppy that is under 4 weeks old goes directly to our bottle feeder foster parents until they are old enough to come back.

This shelter we are going to build is specialized specifically for puppies, because a normal dog shelter does not cater for the needs of smaller puppies with regards to diseases, quarantine and extra care.

Puppies are very difficult to deal with because of all the diseases they are susceptible to at such a young age eg: parvo, distemper, giardia and many more. We deal with these diseases on a daily basis, therefore our biggest issue at the moment is that the facilities we have do not cater to our requirements.

Our highest priorities for this shelter are:

  • Drainage
  • Quarantine
  • Medical
  • Cleanliness
  • Heating
  • Easy access into kennels

We are the only shelter that we know of in South Africa that caters specifically for pregnant moms and puppies. Our specialty is pregnant moms and puppies. 

We do also have the older dogs, because unfortunately they don’t all get adopted straight away. Our pups from about 6/7 months old get to run around freely on the property and are not confined to a cage. They sleep in their kennels at night, and play during the day until they are adopted.

We are appealing to the public to help us make this possible. We have worked hard to get to where we are now, and are looking to the community to help take us this last stretch!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our shelter. We hope you come visit soon!

Mandela Day 2013 Projects To Make A Difference

mandela day 2013 blog cover copy

After the success of last years Mandela Day and considering the massive and exciting changes that have happened at Ark since then, we have decided to present the different projects that require some help from the community. And what better day to make a difference than on Mandela Day 2013!

For those of you who need a catch up…in short, our founder and her husband sold their home in order to purchase 23 acres of land less than 10 minutes from Fourways, JHB. To read more about the move please click here.

Since our big move, we have a variety of different and exciting projects that need to be completed. We have done as much as we can on our own and are now asking the community to get involved and help us achieve our goals!

We are STILL waiting for quotes from the builders/suppliers on how much the project will cost in total. From what we have estimated, it is going to cost between R1,500,000 and R2,000,000 to complete. If anyone is able to assist us in anyway eg: supplies, knowledge, labour etc. please contact us ASAP as we desperately need to get things moving. If anyone is able or would like to contribute financially, our banking details are at the end of this post.

Should a company wish to take on one of the projects, they will be more than welcome to put up a sign with their logo and contact details. 🙂

So enough explaining…onto the exciting stuff…

PROJECT ONE: Staff Quarters

Our incredible animal loving staff members who work tirelessly to ensure our pups are safe, fed and happy need a place to stay. We have a half built building that needs some major TLC. Images below:



We often get in rescue bunnies and have no where safe to keep them until they are re-homed, hence why want to finish the building of this gorgeous bunny pen. With separate male and female sections, there will be no worries of bunny over population 🙂



We have two gorgeous piggies who deserve a pig palace. They were also rescues. The pig pen would possibly need new fences, the wall to be finished and the concrete wall to be taken down.

PROJECT FOUR: Painting of the office

Coming soon…

PROJECT FIVE: Shop and temporary puppy kennels

Coming soon…


Coming soon…

PROJECT SEVEN (the big one): Puppy Shelter

Coming soon…


If you would like to get involved, please email us with the project of your choice.

We appreciate all the help we get -> team work will make this happen! 🙂 Our banking and contact details are below:

Tel: 082 334 7596 (Wednesday – Sundays 10am to 3:30pm, closed on Monday and Tuesday)

Email: or

Ark Animal Centre
FNB Cheque Account
Account: 62335841301
Branch: Broadacres
Branch Code: 204809



The Ark Animal Centre Puppy Shelter is Moving!

SOLD Ark New Property Cedar road, Fourways copy

Ark Animal Centre, the Fourways-based puppy rescue shelter is moving to new premises after securing a large property better suited to the activities of the centre.

Tracy Otto and her two daughters, Candice and Cara, started Ark in 2011. It is the fastest growing puppy rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing shelter with a passion for animals that has been nurtured over many years. That passion has outgrown the current premises, so a plan was put in place to expand and develop the centre. This plan required a new beginning on new premises.

Tracy and Cara Otto from Ark Animal Centre Puppy Rescue Shelter in Fourways Johannesburg

Founders of Ark Animal Centre Tracy and Cara Otto. *Candice not pictured.

The process began quietly in the background since early last year. While the shelter continued to operate as normal, the new property was identified and plans were put into place to purchase it for the relocation of the centre.

The new property consists of 23 acres in a park like setting on the Millgate farm not even 10 minutes from Fourways. This was a huge undertaking that was finalised on the 1st of February 2013.

SOLD Ark New Property dog park

The money required was impossible to generate from the charitable activities and fundraising Ark has been involved in, as these funds are used for the welfare and operation of the centre.

So without much delay, Tracy spoke to her husband Alan, and they decided to put their house on the market in order to raise the funds needed to purchase the new property.

“If all goes according to plan, the shelter will be moving in mid-April however, it is going to need a lot of work beforehand,” explains Tracy. “There is a lot of behind the scenes work to be done for the shelter to be ready for us to move the animals in our care to the new facility.”

Ark’s long-term goal is to provide a centre that is self-sustainable. So it can continue to grow and provide a place for all animal lovers to become stakeholders in providing much needed help and care for puppies until they find a new home. To achieve this, any help in the areas listed below will be gratefully appreciated!

ark new property picture wall blog copy

Ark’s aim is to provide the most enjoyable experience for visitors and animals alike by changing the perception of welfare. By raising the bar for your welfare experience, and looks forward to providing this for the surrounding areas.

Tracy and her family are calling on the community to get involved and become a part of the greater ‘Ark family.’  She explains: “Our ultimate goal is to build an animal shelter and homing facility of which Fourways can be very proud, by giving a second chance to the hundreds of innocent animals we look after.”

shelter under construction copy


23 acres of property situated just up Cedar road in Fourways, JHB.

2 pigs and about 50 rescued puppies, pregnant mom’s and dogs need to be transported to new kennels

At least 18 kennels need to be built and two pig sties.

Security is the main priority then the dog kennels

What Ark needs:

  1. Security fencing
  2. Fencing & gates for dog kennels
  3. Bricks
  4. Tiles
  5. Cement
  6. Building sand
  7. Labour
  8. Drainage eg: drainage pipes and septic tank (most important)
  9. Gates for entrance
  10. Paint
  11. Grass
  12. Heating panels
  13. Plumbing and electrics

 Alternatively you can donate:

Ark Animal Centre

FNB Cheque Account

Account: 62335841301

Branch: Broadacres

Code: 204809


Every bit is very appreciated!

Click here to view what the shelter achieved in 2012 and their plans for the future!

For more information contact Tracy 082 334 7596 / or Candice 082 460 2816 /

Update on Tinkerbell – Missing Yorkie

tinkerbell missing yorkie chanique fonto dog poster R10 000 reward copy


The beautiful little 2 year old Yorkie, Tinkerbell is still missing!! 😦 She has been missing for almost 1 month now.

Please keep your eyes open, she has definitely been picked up by someone who has no access to the outside world or has been stolen. Her mom Chanique has been putting up posters all over JHB. She is desperate to have her little baby back. ♥

For those of you around the Northwold/Boskruin area please ask your domestic workers if they might know anything. There is now a R10 000 reward offered for her return.

Please be on the lookout  for her….we won’t give up until she is found.


SMS ‘Donate FOOD’ to 48949 & help us feed our puppies. R10 per sms. All SA networks.

My Tinkerbell Story

tinkerbell missing poster copy
I got Tinky in 2010 at a very low point in my life, I was very stressed at work and after a year of trying naturally to have a baby and 4 months of IVF treatments which failed and left me very emotional and really down I decided to get a puppy Yorkie. To me that was the closest thing to a little baby and I could fill that longing to nurture and love something.

tinkerbell 002

I went around and found a breeder in Roodepoort who sold Yorkies for what I could afford. Some breeders charge quite a penny and rightfully so, they are such amazing animals.
I chose her immediately the first time I went there, and use to visit her once a week until I was allowed to take her home. I took my mom to meet her and I instantly feel deeply in love with this little person.

tinkerbell 001

I never knew how small and how difficult it was to look after a puppy Yorkie, they are so small and fragile. I took her everywhere with me, looked after her as though she was this fragile doll. I even cried when she didn’t want to eat because her little tummy battled to get used to her semi solid food. I went to the pet store and bought whatever I could to make it easier.

As she grew, my hubby and other dogs bonded with her and she was very quickly the princess of the house. She demanded it all.
We had to “ Tinky” proof our home, time and time again. Because just when we thought we had closed all the holes, she surprised us and found another. She was an explorer and risk taker. When there was a noise, she was the first to jump up and bark as though she was a Rottweiler meanwhile she was the smallest little thing in the house.

To say I love Tinkerbell is an understatement, she is my everything, she sleeps on my bed, follows me around the house, she never sat on the couch, she always sat on my lap on the couch. Sometimes I would get up early to go to the office and she would wake up, follow me to the kitchen whilst I made some tea and follow me to the shower. She my person, my everything. She licked my feet when I came home and used to jump on my legs when I went out, almost as if to say, please take me with you mommy.

My whole family know how much I adore her, I was always pedantic when it came to her safety, if I could not personally be at home whilst someone was there, I would ensure my husband was. I don’t know for what reason or why but my hubby and I went to Durban last week for a few days with his mom and his sister just to get away. I really wanted my carpets cleaned and I had gotten to really trust my domestic with her. I’m sure she even used to hear me in her sleep, “Patience, please look after my baby. Patience, is Tinky ok.”


Were common phrases I used when I called her from work or whilst on holiday. I also recently hired this wonderful personal assistant, who really surprised me which her work ethic and efficiency. I think I had a greater trust for both of them. I then decided to have the carpets cleaned whilst I was on holiday and they could do the mattresses due to my hubby and I being away. I asked my PA to go to my house just to assist them and watch the dogs. I still sent her a message in the morning asking her to lock Tinky in the bedroom as I feared she might have run after someone.

Wednesday 31st October 2012

We were sitting at the famous Waffle house in Durban when I got the call form my mom, all she said was: “Chanique, Tinky is gone.” And my whole world stopped. I thought this was a bad dream, and funny enough the night before I couldn’t sleep. I kept on tossing and turning. I cried then and there, we immediately caught a flight home, my mom and some of my staff at work had already started looking and putting up posters. We got home and carried on looking.

That night, my hubby and I didn’t know what to do, we wanted to carry on looking all night but we were so drained and emotionally exhausted we had to get some sleep. I went to sleep eventually at 11pm and woke up at 2am with my mind racing, telling myself how stupid I was to get carpet cleaners in when I wasn’t here, how stupid I was to trust two people who didn’t love my animals the way I did and I just cried until the sun came up. We resumed looking, ringing doorbells, had bigger signs made, posted on Facebook, twitter, looked in the welt, went and called at the vets in Johannesburg and went to the Randburg, Roodepoort and Sandton SPCA. Asked the bystanders. Told the petrol attendants. We asked everyone, no one could recall seeing her. The Friday, we looked again, calling, crying and just feeling empty seemed to be only emotion I was feeling.

Saturday, I couldn’t get out of bed, I felt so helpless, so lost and so destroyed by what had just happened to me I could not face another disappointment. Jono a guy a know, organised for me to go on 702 that morning, it felt like a green light and I had a glimmer of home in my heart that this is it, someone is going to hear me and call. Someone is going to come forward. I did receive calls, but just like the calls form the posters it was complete strangers, giving me kind words and offering their help. I am so grateful and thankful that there are good people out there, who don’t even know what you look like, the type of person you are but offer to share your picture on their network, meet in you Vet’s and offer their help. Thank you, to all those people. I think in some small way, you are what’s keeping me going.

Its Sunday, 04 November 2012 my hubby and I spent another day walking through bushes, calling her name, walking the streets again. I can’t sit still because I worry what is happening to her each passing day, is she being harmed, is she ok. Is she alive, is she dead. That is the worst feeling, not knowing. Having no closure.

I can’t be alone because when it’s quiet, I burst into tears and can’t control myself, I thing about all the happy times, the sad times and question to god, why me. Why do this to me. I know in my heart someone has picked her up, I have walked my neighbourhood flat and her little body is nowhere. She also couldn’t have gone far. My only question is why did you not call me? She had a pink collar with her name and my number on and she was micro chipped. I know she is cute but does one not think of the emotional trauma you put the pet’s original family through. I have been to hell and back. All I ask and beg is that you come forward, you do the right thing and give her back to her family, who loves her and who she loves dearly.

We have a R 5 000.00 reward for her return, I’m even prepared to increase it to R 10 000.00. she is my child, my life, my reason to wake up in the morning and no amount of money is worth not being able to see her pretty face and have her cuddle me once again.
Please, whoever you are, do the right thing.

Please bring her back to me.

082 319 3970
082 802 9291

AWESOME opportunity for Ark!

Ark exciting news liveoutloud luxury magazine

Ark Animal Centre has some exciting news to share with everyone on Monday 25th June 2012!

We have been given an amazing opportunity to be featured in an exclusive magazine and will need your help to ensure we secure our spot! 🙂

Watch our page on Monday and be ready to work together to benefit our animals!


Love Your Country ♥ Love Your Animals

Be an Ark Angel – Sponsor a Puppy! ♥

By donating R350 per month or a fee of R2000 for 6 months to Ark Animal Centre for a specific pup, you will help ensure that all the caring that we love to provide is available. You get to choose your own pup to sponsor and by doing so, receive the following:

♥ Unlimited visits to come and love your new cared for pup

♥ A love letter, with a photo, from your sponsored pup every month telling you all that’s happened during that time.

♥ If the pup doesn’t already have a name, you get to choose one

♥ You have first choice to adopt the pup

If somebody comes along and falls in love with your sponsored pup, you will be notified and are given the choice whether you are able to adopt him/her. If you cannot adopt them, we will happily re-home them and give you the option to either cancel the sponsorship, or choose a new, cuddly, loveable pup to sponsor instead.

Your name and the pup’s name will be posted on Facebook, letting everyone know that you’re an ARK Angel!

Your name will also go underneath a photo of the pup on our board at the office

Email: Ark Animal Centre – or Nicola –

Call: Nicola: 0833090400 / Tracy: 082 334 7596

Download the Ark Animal Centre Sponsor a Pup Form here.

Help Ark get onto Woolworths MyPlanet card!


Ark Animal Centre would really appreciate your help in getting us onto the Woolworths MyPlanet program! We need 1000 forms before Woolworths will load us onto their system!

Click here to download the form or please email – and she will forward you the form to fill out.

It takes two minutes of your time and in return you will help feed, medicate, care for and rescue abandoned and abused dogs and puppies in South Africa. ♥

Love Your Country ♥ Love Your Animals