Miley and Mika – puppy love ♥

Miley and Mika

Miley & Mika… those two names were rather famous on Ark Animal Centre’s Facebook and Twitter accounts — Miley’s water broke on the evening of 21 May 2012 sending Ark’s followers into a buzz of excitement as they sat waiting in anticipation of the birth of Miley’s puppies.

Miley when her water broke

Puppy number one was born soon after her water broke. She was later named Mika by her loyal Facebook supporters, who had been waiting like excited parents for the news of her birth.

Mika seconds after birth

 A while after Mika was born, an empty sac came out along with this very strange black, green, slimy, smelly thing. We later discovered it was an unborn puppy that had died in her womb.

The empty sac and puppy fetus that came out after Mika.

After the shock of the strange black stuff Miley started contractions again. We were excited, Facebook was excited and we were all waiting. And waiting. And waiting. We waited so long Miley even had a quick nap.

Miley and Mika napping

Little Mika had her first taste of milk!  She clearly loved it as she never stopped drinking after that and became a little pig! 🙂

Mika having her first taste of milk

Still in labour Miley and Mika were bonding nicely, but we were getting very worried. We gave her 20 more minutes & then rushed her off to the vet.

We could definitely tell that there was another baby inside but it seemed that her labour had stopped. Once we got to Fourways Vet at about 11pm, Dr. Pranish examined Miley. He was fantastic with her. He gave her 2 shots of oxytocin which should have helped the contractions. We did an x-ray which showed us that the baby was lying sideways and needed to move down. Miley’s uterus was, by now, very tired and therefore was not contracting. Below is a picture of the x-ray:

The baby that was stuck inside Miley

Tracy stayed with and comforted Miley through the entire night. Eventually after the injections had no reaction. We took Miley to Northrand Animal Clinic in Kyalami, where Dr.’s Mike and Eilmien York did a cesarean on her. While Miley was in theatre, little Mika was safe with Tracy waiting for her mom to return.

Mika waiting while Miley was in surgery

 Eventually after what felt like ages for us at the office and our Facebook supporters, we received news that Miley was fine! But, there was some bad news…the puppy that was inside her womb had died. The labour had stopped because the puppy had got stuck. We think – due to Miley’s petite frame, and she was probably mated with by a larger male dog causing the babies to grow too large to be delivered.

Miley recovering at home with Mika

After many hours and thousands of prayers, thoughts and good energies sent to Miley, she returned to Tracy’s home as a foster to recover from her operation. The vets had sterilised her at the same time, so she won’t have to go through this trauma again.

She is a very strong little girl and we are so proud of her for pulling through this ordeal. She is an amazing mom to Mika; doting on her every second.

Thank you so much to all our incredible supporters who followed our posts and supported this very special girl! ♥ Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do! THANK YOU!!!! ♥ xXx

Keep watching our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as our blog for updates on Miley and Mika. 

Miley and Mika, mother and daughter bonding

—- And most importantly —-