Journey of a Rescued Puppy

gina's story rescued puppy dog from spca

During February 2012, I decided to join in for a day at the SPCA to help feed, dip and deworm some dogs from a local township. Francois and I spent the morning handing out food to children bringing their puppies and dogs in.

One small boy came along with an incredibly weak, sick looking puppy and as he walked away she just collapsed in front of us. Francois rushed her to the vet’s room at the SPCA but found no one there. In the front office, the lady at reception reckoned the puppy had maybe a few hours to live but without a vet they couldn’t euthanize. Francois quickly rushed her to the nearest vet and was met with the same story, and if we wanted to try we could just take her home and see if she makes it through the night.

rescued from spca township day horribly skinny and burned puppy rescued from spca township day horribly skinny and burned puppy.JPG1

The first person I thought of who would be willing to take in a sick puppy was Tracy from Ark Animal Centre, without question she told us she would be at the shelter waiting. We were all a little shocked at just how yellow Gina’s eyes, gums and skin was from the biliary, unfortunately the vet had dewormed her which didn’t help matters. She was taken home so Cara could treat her (Tracy promised me Cara could save ANYTHING!).

Within just days she looked like an entirely different dog, still recovering from the biliary, burn marks and having no food but with a little more life in her wagging tail. We visited every few days while deciding whether or not we would be able to keep her. It was astounding how she improved day by day, turning into a little monster until we could barely remember the sad little pup we first brought in.

gina recovering in loving arms of steph

Now we’re sitting with a 10 kg puppy with more life in her than we can handle and a whole lot of character! And she still has those beautiful gentle eyes she uses to get whatever she wants. As I’m writing this, she’s lying in the back of the car on her favorite bed, holding a toy between her oversized paws. She’s exhausted after a weekend of running around Clarens, meeting dogs everywhere along the way and sleeping in a king sized bed. Because life is just so tough…!

cute ears of dog

So we just want to say a huge thank you to Tracy and Cara as well as the rest of the family (dogs included of course) for allowing the monster into their home so that we could find the perfect home for her with us.

gina the ballerina dog dog with ballet shoes

Gina Update: She’s DOUBLED in size and weight. Yes, that Jack Russell sized dog is now heading on 20kg with Great Dane legs on the way! She’s a proper lady and the most precious thing first thing in the morning when she yawns like a bear and hides under the blankets to avoid the cold ♥ We couldn’t be happier!

By: Stephanie Emmy Klarmann (Gina’s Mom)

rescue dog gina running