The Modern Day Businessman

As we are sure everyone can see, the world is becoming more aware of animal rights and have opinions on how they should be treated. Slowly but surely animals are been seen as living creatures with feelings and souls and not just objects.

We came across this picture – a man in a business suit walking his dog to work….but instead of a lead he uses the strap of the laptop bag to do the walking! We thought this pictures shows just how much people are becoming aware that animals, especially dogs in this instance, are your family and you should treat them as such.

After some research, we found out that the man in the picture is Michael Eilertsen, CEO of a luxury millionaires magazine and events company called LIVEOUTLOUD. He is an animal lover and decided that his dog, a Beagle called Bark, is going to accompany him to work everyday. So much so, that when the offices moved…everything hinged on whether or not Bark could come with. Mike says that the whole office loves Bark, and that he has become part of the family. “He even joins us in boardroom meetings, sitting on a chair as if he were giving his opinion on the subject!”

We hope this picture makes you smile as much as we did! This fits the term – Bring your dog to work  21st Century Style! 🙂