Our Wish List

    • Puppy food pellets and tins
    • Soft toys and treats for our puppies
    • Milk-o-pup or Royal Canin puppy milk
    • Plastic dog beds, Dog bowls, Grey dog blankets or any other blankets, Towels
    • 3ml syringes with or without needles
    • 23g or 24g needles. (Blue box from Dischem, Healthease brand)
    • Small dog jerseys for our tiny pups, Dog treats and toys
    • Interior wall paint – always needed!
    • Office stationery eg: printing paper, cabinets, scissors, printer ink (Canon MG2440) etc
    • Extension cables, two prong plugs etc
    • Cleaning products for office, kitchen etc.
    • F10 cleaning solution or Steriwash (can be bought from most vets or Milmac)
    • Storage bins/boxes
    • Trees, plants and greenery for the garden and around the kennels
    •  Paint for exterior of house
    • Futurelife/Ensure/Rehydrate sachets
    • Dustbin bags, old newspapers
    • Plastic shopping bags
    • Hosepipes
    • Cleaning products for around the shelter e.g.: handy andy, domestos, bleach etc.
    • Spray bottles
    • Fruit and vegetables for our pigs
    • Building sand, plaster sand, bricks, cement, concrete mix etc.
    • Grass
    • Fencing  and poles – we need 1.4km to enclose our property
    • Shelving, storage cabinets
    • 2 x 2m white boards
    • Cages for clinic
    • Second hand anaesthetic machine.
    • Microscope

PBO Number: 930053318

2 thoughts on “Our Wish List

  1. Hi there, I have 40L of off white Dulux paint to donate to Ark Animal Centre. Please give me directions to the centre, I am in Hurlingham.

    • Hi Marilyn, oh wow! That would be amazing – thank you! If you look under the About Us section on our blog you will find a map and directions to the shelter 🙂 hope to see you soon!! And thank you again for thinking of us 😀

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