A guide to understanding vaccinations for your dog


Vaccinations are one of the most important preventive measures you can take for the health of your dog. Vaccinations help protect your dog from viral and bacterial diseases. At sometime in its life, your dog may be exposed to a serious or even fatal infectious disease. Without proper vaccination, it is left unprotected.

Whether your dog spends more time indoors than outdoors, he may be at risk of exposure to infectious diseases. Fortunately for your dog, vaccination to prevent many of these diseases is available through your veterinarian. Vaccinating your dog is the best and least costly way of preventing infectious disease. Prevention helps assure the best quality of life for your dog and is much less costly than treating your dog for a serious illness that could have been prevented.


The number and frequency of vaccinations your dog needs can be determined during a routine examination by your veterinarian. Your veterinarian takes several factors into consideration when making the decision, such as your dog’s lifestyle, lifestage and risk of exposure.

A general rule is puppies are to be vaccinated 3 times. First vaccination is between 4 -6 weeks of age, and thereafter another 2, one month apart.  Rabies vaccine is administered at 3 months of age. Thereafter, all dogs should be vaccinated yearly.

Adult rescue dogs are vaccinated twice, this is normally sufficient to prevent your dog contracting any diseases.


Severe reactions to vaccinations are very uncommon. Your dog is at a higher risk of contracting an infectious disease than of experiencing side effects from a vaccination.

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